Club Operating Policies for Rotary Year 2021/2022

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Club Operating Policies

Hisao Tatsuno

Let’s learn the Rotary spirit together and move into action oneself!

  1. With Vocational Service as a Basis

    Since its founding in 1957, the Rotary Club of Osaka East has engaged in various activities, aiming to become a club with dignity and decency under the “Ideal of Service.” We are committed to pursuing further growth this fiscal year as well while guarding our good tradition.

    This year, we would like to operate our Club based on the “Ideal of Vocational Service”: Rotarians should push themselves higher through Rotary activities and work for the benefit of society through our profession or business. “Vocation” in Rotary refers to meeting social needs and doing good for society and people.

    To embody the “Ideal of Vocational Service” in daily Rotary activities, it is necessary to maintain a relationship that enables Rotarians to have a positive influence on each other. To achieve this, each Rotarian’s awareness is important, and Rotary activities must be appropriate for such a relationship. That is the reason why it is said, “Enter to learn, go forth to serve.”

  2. Club Service, Community Service, International Service, and Youth Service

    With “Vocational Service” as the basis for Rotary activities, Rotarians are expected to serve the club they belong to, local communities, international society, and young people who are responsible for the next generations. Under the basic principle that people grow, it is important for us to not only nurture others, but also grow ourselves through service activities.

    We will conduct fulfilling service activities according to our abilities, modest though they may be. In service activities, we need to be strongly aware of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) in addition to seven priority areas of Rotary international.

  3. Importance of “Fellowship”

    Fellowship among Rotarians becomes the key to rendering the Five Avenues of Service including “Vocational Service” more substantial. Fellowship is an opportunity for Rotarians to enhance one another. Content-rich service cannot be realized without Rotarians’ stronger fellowship or mutually improved understanding. Fellowship is the starting point of all our service activities.

    The Rotary Club of Osaka East will mark its 65th anniversary on June 6, 2022. We would like to express our respect and gratitude to our predecessors. In May 2022, a ceremony to celebrate the 65th anniversary will be held, and until then, several fun commemorative events are planned to be held.

    We will conduct exciting, significant fellowship activities while learning the Rotary philosophy.

  4. Priority Objectives for This Year

    Based on the above ideas, we have established eight priority objectives as described below:

    • Further deepen the “Ideal of Vocational Service”
    • Run regular meetings in a more dignified and substantial manner while taking preventive measures against COVID-19
    • Consider and implement specific service activities centering on education support, amid the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Look for a new way to promote heart-to-heart fellowship
    • Increase our Club membership in a balanced way, in consideration of the gender gap
    • Plan Rotary study sessions
    • Celebrate our Club’s 65th anniversary
    • Further promote IT and enhance the function and quality of our Club’s website

July 1, 2021